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More than a

The myblock is high-quality electrical, installation, heating and ventilation technology installed in one block. Optionally with a kitchen including all appliances and a fitted bathroom.

The high degree of prefabrication makes it easy to move the product using a crane and quickly connect the building services on the job site.

That saves time and money

myBlock Isometric-1.png
myBlock Isometric-1.png

Individualization despite
serial production

The myblock is available in four different sizes and several equipment variants.
An adaptation to individual customer requirements is possible after consultation.


The issue of building services and the dependency on installers is drastically relaxed on the construction site
Response to the skills shortage
Consistently high quality through controlled, consistent production in the hall
Assembly and connection on site in 5 minutes
Time saving due to high degree of prefabrication
Can be used in all multi-storey residential buildings made of wood

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